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Items for Sale

Studio Liquidation

Robert A. Howard,M.Photog.,Cr.,PPA Certified, EA-ASP will be closing his downtown Lebanon studio and switching to an “in-home” office and all location work. As such he needs to liquidate a large amount of props and backgrounds, along with some lighting and camera room equipment. Pictures are not available of all this stuff as it would be insane. The descriptions below are accurate and any interested parties are welcome to visit the studio to examine what is available during business hours. No reasonable offers will be refused! You can call him at 717-272-4231 or 717-507-5245.

Printable List of Studio Liquidation Items

Norman P-800D Power Supply  #90093 with two Norman LH-2000 Lamp heads  #94512 & #94508, with 5-DL reflectors and Norman Rapid-Cool Blowers along with two Norman 8 ft. Light Stands and a Norman TRI-LITE 2000 Optical Spot Light – $450.00 OBO

6 ft Steel Base MonoPole Camera Stand – $100.00 OBO

Bogen 3021 Pro Tripod w/3265 Pistol Grip Head – $125.00 OBO

Smith Victor Model A-80 8″ Studio Light  #401017 – $50.00 OBO

Smith Victor Model A-120 12″ Studio Light #401019 – $50.00 OBO

Smith Victor Background Light – $40.00 OBO

“ONTRAX” ceiling mount muslin suspension system 30 ft. (with 100 clips) – $150.00 OBO

“Roll-Easy” Ceiling Mount 12ft Background Lift System w/2 aluminum rollers – $75.00 OBO

Calumet Boom Stand with rollers – $125.00

Asst. Colors/Painted Muslin Backgrounds 10′ x 20′  – make offer

10′ x 15′ Brown Canvas Old Masters Background – $100.00 OBO

Beitzel  10′ x 15′ Gray Streak Canvas Background – $75.00 OBO

Beitzel 10′ x 10′ Tile Floor Muslin – $100.00 OBO

Beitzel  10′ x 20′ Brown Streak Canvas Background – $75.00 OBO

Beitzel Painted Tricot Backdrops – 2pcs – $40.00 OBO

Red Soft Spun Backdrop 30 ft – $25.00 OBO

White Soft Spun Backdrop 30 ft -$25.00 OBO

Black Soft Spun Backdrop 30 ft – $25.00 OBO

White Soft Spun Backdrop 15 ft – $25.00 OBO

Cole & Co Custom 9′ x 9′ Geometric Background – $50.00 OBO

Cole & Co 10′ x 10′ LEXI Background – $100.00 OBO

Denny Mfg. WV1020 10′ x 20′ White Vinyl Backdrop – $100.00 OBO

Denny Mfg. CPMF 4033 Rustic Boards (roll up) Floor 4′ x 8′ – $75.00 OBO

Denny Mfg. CP6590 Hallucination Background 8′ X 10′ – $50.00 OBO

Denny Mfg. CP6687 Rustic Metal Wall Background 8′ x 10′ – $50.00 OBO

Denny Mfg. “SENIOR” blocks and 1 thru 10 number set. – $100.00 OBO

“Off the Wall” Mediterranean Garden Set – $400.00 OBO

ROSCO 1000 Professional Smoke Machine – $25.00 OBO

VSI V-8212 Bubble Machine – $25.00 OBO



Props for Sale

I am closing my small studio in Maytown and have the following gear to sell:

  • impact delux varipole support system – holds 3 rolled paper baclgrounds, chain drives included – $225.00 complete
  • VSD300 studio lights – see B&H catalog for complete specs. can be fired off any wireless trigger, CANNOT be adjusted from a wireless trigger. 2 lights at $125.00 each – great start for studio lighting
  • C-Stand with boom – $75.00



Items For Sale

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Bogen/Manfrotto Autopole background complete set. Set includes 2 autopoles, brackets and Expan sets to hold up to 6 different backgrounds or roll paper, and two metal tubes for attaching canvas or muslin backgrounds. This set was very lightly used and would retail for approximately $600.00 today. Will sell for $450.00 OBO. Buyer must pickup at my studio unless additional shipping arrangements are made.


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Last, I have a heavy duty studio mono stand with wheels and wheel locks. It will extend from 33inches to 60 inches high. I am asking $25.00 for this stand with local pickup at my studio.

Contact: Ron Bookwalter
Phone: (B) 717-249-6366 (H) 717-249-4906
Email: ronfoto4u@comcast.net

Items For Sale

  • Photogenic Lights
  • Bogen Manfrotto Tripod
  • Lights Stands
  • Backgrounds
  • Props
  • Posing Tables

Contact: Loretta Diana
Phone: 570-956-6840
Email: lorettas4563@gmail.com

Items For Sale – Full Price List