Armstrong, Charles
Element of the Eye Photography
Portrait, Wedding, Commercial
Web Site:

Aunkst, Ronald, Jr.
Photo where Photography
Web Site:

Beale, Aaron (Owner)
Beale, Lisa (Spouse)
A.R. Beale Photography

Becker, Lynn (Owner)
Becker, David (Spouse)
Becker’s Photography Studios
Web Site:

Bernlohr, Christi
Bernlohr Photography
Web Site:

Blain, Terry L., M.Photog. (Owner)
Blain, Roger (Spouse)
Terry Blain Master Photography
Senior & Family Portraits
Web Site:

Bookwalter, Ron, M. Photog. (Owner)
Bookwalter, Barbara (Spouse)
Bookwalter Photographics
Weddings & Family Portraits
Web Site:

Brackney, Roger L., CPP (Owner)
Brackney, Joyce E. (Spouse)
Roger L. Brackney Photography
Weddings, Portraits
Web Site:

Brenneman, Megan, CPP (Owner)
Brenneman, Dustin (Spouse)
Megan Photography
Weddings, Portraits, Seniors
Web Site:

Campbell, Karen

Dart, Bruce, Cr. Photog, CPP (Owner)
Dart, Nancy (Spouse)
Photos by Dart
Web Site:

Decker, Robert R. II

Dennison, Ruth
Graces of Life Fine Art
Web Site:

DiVecchio, Francesca (Associate Member)

Domazet, Ivan, M.Photog.Cr., CPP
Main Line Photo
Web site:

Duncan, Annie (Owner)
Annie Duncan Photography
Events, Sports, Pets
Web site:

Dwyer, Roger
Web Site:

Fella, Jr., Martin P., CPP (Owner)
Fella, Andrea (Spouse)
Fella, Brent (Employee)
Fella Studios, Inc.
Portraits, Weddings, School Portraits, Commercial
Web Site:

Flory, D. Craig, Cr. Photog. (Owner)
Flory, Susan L. (Spouse)
Flory Photography Studio
Photoshop Retouching & Enhancements
Retired due to stroke May 2010.

Girton, Alan J. (Owner)
Girton, Marybeth (Spouse)
Girton Studio of Photography
Portrait Studio

Gobrecht, Glenn E., M. Photog., CPP (Owner)
Gobrecht, Mary E. (Spouse)
Glenn Gobrecht Photography

Gonsar, Colleen, Cr.Photog (Owner)
Miller, Erin (Employee)
Colleen & Company
Seniors, Children, Family
Web Site:

Haydu, Tina (Owner)
Haydu, John (Spouse)
Tina Haydu Photography LLC
Seniors, Portrait, Wedding
Web Site:

Hoff, Stephen B (Owner)
Hoff, Joan Whitman (Spouse)
Stephen B Hoff Photography
Portrait, Wedding, Seniors, Video
Web Site:

Hongvanthong, Ole (Owner)
PhotOle Photography

Howard, Robert A., M.Photog.Cr., CPP, EA-ASP (Owner)
Howard, Cynthia A. (Spouse)
R.A. Howard Photography
Portraits, Commercial, Seniors
Web Site:

Hundley, Rich
Portrait, Wedding, H.S. Senior, Commercial, Industrial, Sports

Hunt, Crystal (Owner)
Crystal Hunt Photography
Web Site:

Hutchison, Will
Victory Lane Creative Works/Will Hutchison Photography
Portrait, Commercial, Industrial, Product Photography, Headshots, Events, author
Web Site:

Ickes, Debra (Owner)
Debra Ickes
Web Site:

Karchner, Cindy
Karchner, David (Spouse)
Web Site:

Kemp, Lisa (Owner)
Kemp, Wade (Spouse)
Forever Photography by Lisa
Weddings, Portraits
Web Site:

Kennard, Anne
Ann Peyton Photography
Portrait, H.S. Senior, Commercial

Kozola, Trish (Associate Member)
Images by Trish
Web Site:

Lager, Ken (Owner)
Ken Lager Photography
Portraits, Weddings, Seniors, Industrial, Commercial, Video

Laucks, Marc
Marc Laucks & Co.
Portrait, Commercial, Video
Web Site:

Leer, Cindie (Owner)
Leer, Lee (Spouse)
Leer, Kaitlyn (Employee)
Leer, Madison (Employee)
Leer Photography
Web Site:

Lehr, Gregory E. (Owner)
Lehr Photography
Web Site:

Livengood, Pati, M. Photog., CPP (Owner)
Livengood, Bill (Spouse)
Photography by Pati
Weddings, Portraits
Web Site:

Lonchena, Marsha, CPP (Owner)
Always Remember Photography
Portraits, Seniors

McBurney, Michelle
Timepiece Photography
Portrait, Wedding, H.S. Senior, Pet Photography
Web Site:

Miller, Erin (Employee)
Colleen & Company
Seniors, Children & Families
Web Site:

Mills, Ruben, Cr.Photog., ASP, CPP (Owner)
Mills, Marie Ann (Spouse)
Ruben’s Photography
Weddings, Portraits
Web Site:

Neders, Jared (Owner)
TopShelf Photography
Weddings, Portraits, Seniors, Commercial, Video, Sports
Web Site:

Oshodi, Ade
Ade & Gina Studios
Portraits, Weddings
Web Site:

Paulis, Chris
Chris Paulis Photography
Web Site:

Phillips, Pam
Pam Phillips Photography
Web Site:

Purnell, Kelsy
Purnell, Kyle (Spouse)
Web Site:

Reinford, Judy
Judy Reinford Photography
Web Site:

Ritchick, Glenda (Owner)
Ritchick, John (Spouse)
Glenda Ritchick’s Photography
Seniors, Family, Children

Sands, Byron, Cr.Photog., CPP (Owner)
Sands, Renee (Spouse)
Endless Mountains Studios
Portraits, Pets
Web Site:

Sarge, Shelli (Owner)
Sarge, Scott (Spouse)
Red Brick Studios
Web Site:

Scarpino Theodore, M.Photog. (Owner)
Scarpino, Joan (Spouse)
Ted Scarpino Photography
Fine Art

Schlegel, Kimberly, Cr., CPP (Owner)
Schlegel Photography
Web Site:

Schwartz, Jeri (Owner)
Young, Jeffrey (Spouse)
Jeri Gallery
Weddings, Corporate Events, Family, Seniors
Web Site:

Searfoss, Mark, M.Photog.Cr., CPP (Owner)
Searfoss, Kerri (Spouse)
Searfoss Images,LLC
Portraits, Seniors, Commercial
Web Site:,

Simmons, Sean (Owner)
Clear Elite Photography
Web Site:

Smith, Mary Jane M. (Owner)
MJEM’S Photos
Portraits, Weddings
Web Site:

Strupp, Cindy (Owner)
Strupp, Tim (Spouse)
Revelation Photography

Sturts, Gary (Owner)
Gary Sturts Photography

Twardy, Terri (Associate Member)
Dunyak, Russell (Spouse)
Bella Arte Photography
Portraits, Seniors

Tweedy, Elaine (Owner)
I Got the Shot Photography
Portraits, Pets
Web Site:

Warunek, Stan, (Owner)
Warunek, Elaine (Spouse)
Montage Photography
Location, Groups, Team Sports, Corporate
Web Site:

Watters, Della, (Owner)
Pyle, Wayne (Employee)
Watters Works & Co
Events, Photobooth
Web Site:

Williams, Caleb, CPP (Owner)
Heritage Portrait Studio
Seniors, Children, Weddings, Portraits
Web Site:

Williams, Mary (Owner)
Mary Williams Photography
Portraits, Senriors, Commerical