On-location portrait photography requires working efficiently to overcome the challenges of a new environment: You have to find or create flattering light and a pleasing backdrop and then pose your subject effectively within those constraints. It can be overwhelming!

In this creative workshop, we’ll work on the skills of analysis, visualization, and problem solving applicable to every on-location portrait job.

Working outdoors, the focus of the class will be on identifying portrait locations based on available light and scenery. Within the constraints of the selected locations, we’ll practice shaping the posing and lighting to create a professional portrait. To focus on just the essentials, we’ll work with simple equipment that’s easy to manage without an assistant: camera, handheld light meter, and portable strobe on a light stand. Using these tools, we’ll work to capture as many different, compelling portraits as we can, to ensure variety in our portrait work.

Roger and Michael agree fundamentals happily disagree upon technique. Workshop attendees will experience two different approaches to on-location portraiture and be encouraged to develop his/her own perspective!

Roger Hammons, Ph.D., M.Photog.Cr, CPP

Roger is the owner and chief photographer of Roger Hammons Photography LLC, a boutique studio begun in 2005 offering wedding, portrait, and fine art photography in the greater Washington DC area. In 2006, he was recognized by the PPA as a Certified Professional Photographer; in 2010, received the PPA Master of Photography degree; and, in 2018, received his PPA Craftsman degree. His photographic art has won many local and international awards, including several images accepted into the PPA’s Loan Collection and multiple Kodak Gallery and Fujifilm Masterpiece Awards. His work has appeared in “Professional Photographer” and “Primo” magazines as well as in corporate communications in the Washington DC area.

Michael Dunphy, M.Photog., CPP

Michael has owned and operated his own studio, Avonlee Photography, since 2003. Based in Silver Spring, Maryland, the studio works with a range of photography clients including portrait, wedding, and commercial. In 2005, he was recognized as a Certified Professional Photographer by the PPA. He is a five-time “Wedding Album Photographer of the Year” in the Maryland Professional Photographers Association. In 2011, he received both the “Maryland Photographer of the Year” and “Maryland Wedding Photographer of the Year” awards. In 2018, he received the PPA Master of Photography degree.