Welcome to the PPA of PA

Come join us for hands-on FUN and learning at the PPA of PA Picnic!!

Come join us for hands-on learning at the PPA of PA Picnic!!

PPA of PA Summer Picnic

Sunday, July 24, 2016




Rodney Clark, M.Photog., Cr., CPP
Ron Bookwalter, M.Photog.


12:30PM Groups will organize to start the outdoor photo sessions.

1:00 PM Sessions begin either in Carlisle with Rodney Clark, or on site with Ron Bookwalter.

3:30 PM Wrap-up session and return to pavilion.

4:00 PM Dinner — bring a dish if you want or desert, to go with meat and drinks we provide.

After dinner wrap-up, and safe trip home. Also at this time if anyone would like to get competition print critiques, bring your images on your lap tops to get input from any of us Master photographers that are there.


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