Reasons you should join the PPA of PA!

Hands-on photography education!

1. I will get to hang out with a group of fun, hip, artsy and AMAZING award winning image makers! I will learn in the classroom (seminars) but also after hours just hangin’ around talking shop and sipping on something tasty!

2. I will have access to speaking programs that are extremely informative to myself as a member. These programs cover anything and everything that has to do with the amazing field of photography! I will learn in a hands-on environment and share with my photo family in a non-intimidating atmosphere. It’s about motivation, not intimidation!

3. As a member, I will be invited to special events such as creative on the spot shoot-outs where I will be given a task, a topic and a time limit to turn in my art piece. This is an amazing opportunity for me to learn about my craft, my colleagues and to upgrade the overall quality of my photography.

Blue ribbon image from 2016 Spring Convention print competition.

4. I will attend great parties and social gatherings where I will have the pleasure of enjoying my ‘photo family’ and just have fun. Being around my photo family is an opportunity for me celebrate all life has to offer and also to vent about pesky client/business situations that tests my daily patience level. Online photo forums are nice BUT I know I am missing something and will NEVER get the social aspect out of them like I will with a group like this!

5. As a member I will have the opportunity to enter state print competitions and know I should! Being a part of competition will help me grow as a photographer. Learning from others as I also give back knowledge to those that can learn from me. No matter how much or little experience I have, I know that each person has a lot to learn and also to teach.

Join now!!!