It is with great respect that we thank all those who have given their time, talent, and passion to our state association. Many of you have come here to serve us as volunteers knowing that what you do is not for your benefit but for those who come next. Your work has not gone unnoticed nor has it been forgotten.

The profession of photography is what brings us together. Your dedication is what keeps us strong.

1936-37 Albert A. Bosshart
1937Ern Weller
1938George Wolf
1939Harry M. Shaeffer
1940Vincent Stanley
1941Ernest Casteel
1942Richard Mack
1943-46 Harry Plank
1947Harold Gittins
1948Erroll Dexter
1949Albert A. Bosshart
1950Frank A. Gradler
1951Louis Garcia
1951-52 Thomas F. Shaffer
1952-53 William Hines
1953-54 Victor A. Rehula, Jr.
1955Wilbur Boone
1956Ralph Sherrill
1957Bernard Fella
1957Henry Blatner
1958Robert Parson
1959Fran Luedecke
1960-61 Anne Gradler
1962Frank DeChristopher
1963R. William Uhler
1964Paul Rand
1965Robert M Opfer
1966Jack Gradler
1967John Rygiel
1968Andrew Purdon
1969Elmer Donor
1970Walter Free
1971Terry Deglau
1972Vincent DiPiante
1973Jack Long
1974Sam Pelaia
1975Clyde Ferguson
1976Robert D. Golding
1977Paul Trace
1978Russell I. Moser
1979Robert K. Monn
1980Ernest Garbarino
1981Andrew J. Torre
1982David E. Lee
1983Richard J. Harwick
1984Helen Hayes Dalton
1985Cathy Madison
1986-87 Guy F. Cali
1988Ronald Westerman
1989Ron Norman
1991David G. Hollinger
1992Ronald Rutt CPP
1993Robert Decker II CPP
1994Ronald Peterson
1995David Eastburn CPP
1996James Barnoff CPP
1997Douglas Martin CPP
1998Jerry A. Costanzo M.Photog.,Cr., CPP,A-ASP,AOPM
1999Robert Howard M.Photog.,Cr.,CPP, EA-ASP
2000Rodney Clark M.Photog.,Cr.,CPP
2001D. Scott Scree CPP
2002Ann Moskowitz
2003Keith Lewis M.Photog.,Cr.,CPP
2004John King
2005Ronald Bookwalter M.Photog.
2006Mary Jane Smith
2007Lynn Curry
2008Charles lewis CPP
2009Robert Demmler
2010Gerry Solan M.Photog.,CPP
2011Tammy Wolfe CPP
2012Bob Hancock M.Photog.
2013Ronald Bookwalter,M.Photog.
2014-15Caleb Williams CPP
2016Glenn Gobrecht M.Photog.,CPP
2017-18Kimberly Schlegel CPP
2019Cindy Strupp CPP