Painterly Portrait Workflow

Live Shooting and Photoshop Demo!

Jen Gershon

Monday, November 8th | 1:00PM-4:00PM

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Over the years I have experimented with a variety of photographic genres, but I’m most drawn to painterly portraiture. I enjoy exploring the process which ultimately leads to the question “is it a painting or is it a photograph?” It is a style that evokes curiosity and invites questions of how to achieve this effect.

It is possible to search and find various approaches to the painterly style. There are filters, textures, frequency separation techniques and digital “painting” that can enhance a traditional portrait to give it a painterly feel however, I enjoy more of a custom and personal approach where the image has to start with the right lighting and the post processing serves to enhance to qualities of the light and existing colors and textures.

During this session, we will talk through my process of creating a painterly fine art portrait, including my inspirations and influences, how I find subjects/models, conceptualizing, wardrobe and styling, interacting with the model, posing and lighting. The live demonstration will include a shoot with a model using my go-to lighting setup with a short discussion on modifiers and the properties of light.
Following the shoot, I will give an overview of how I typically approach the post-processing of a selected image.

About Jen

“I like to spend time with my subjects and get a “read” or inspiration and the portraits evolve from there. Sometimes an object, an article of clothing or a general mood will serve as the basis for a portrait. While certain aspects may be planned out in advance, most often the final image is a result of improvisation in the moment and pure play.

Storytelling plays an important role in the creation of my portraits. When a subject arrives open to imagination and with a willingness to let go and explore ideas this is when the unexpected and often, most gratifying images are realized.

A portrait session can be an empowering experience to the person who steps in front of the camera as they entrust the photographer to witness and capture something that may not always be readily revealed in everyday life. It is always an honor to spend a few hours with someone and come to learn a little more about the person as the process takes place. It is, admittedly, also very rewarding to witness that “oh wow, that’s me???” moment when the first captured images are revealed on the computer screen.” My hope is that the experience of creating the photo is as enjoyable as seeing the actual photo itself.”

Jennifer Gershon